Sunday Services

Why go to church? I'm a good person anyway.  

'They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.'  Acts 2: 42 NRSV Bible

People often wonder whether they really need to go to church. After all, if they are a good person and generally believe in God isn't that enough?. 

Worship is a natural response to God that should re-infect us with faith in the risen Christ every week and strengthen us to go and live that faith in our homes and workplaces. A faith not lived out is hard to justify and a Christian without worship is like a coal taken out of the fire. Gradually the heat and the energy and the spark die out.

It is difficult trying to follow Jesus on your own. When the world batters you it can be almost impossible to accept that you are loveable to God and that there is any chance of a fresh start. Meeting regularly with other people and hearing of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus offers support and encouragement. Singing and praying together is a wonderful thing even if we are not a cathedral choir or a swanky worship band. And just sometimes it all comes together, despite the worst efforts of the vicar or the heating system or the song you don't like or the human beings and you know without a doubt the presence of God. And life changes. 

If you have never been to church but are looking for something to help you get through the joys and sorrows of life, or if you used to go to church in your youth but found it yawningly tedious why not give it another try? Church has relaxed a lot. Besides, your whole eternity rests on the outcome so it has to be worth a look!

Sunday Services  

As of this year we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of service styles to suit different traditions and ages. There are normally two services each Sunday. The morning service is at 11am each week and the afternoon service at 4pm. The pattern of worship at present is as follows:

First Sunday of the month: 11 am Holy Communion. 4pm Family Communion

Second Sunday of the month: 11am Holy Communion. 4pm Evening Prayer (BCP)

Third Sunday of the month: 11am Morning Prayer. 4pm Family Communion

Fourth Sunday of the Month: 11am Holy Communion. 4pm Sunday Teatime

Fifth Sunday of the month if applicable: 11am service only. Holy Communion.

So what are all these services? Read on below to decide what might be best for you!

The 11am service suits those who like good solid middle-of-the-road Church of England (Common Worship) services. On three Sundays a month it takes the form of a service of Holy Communion which lasts about an hour with a meaty sermon and traditional hymns accompanied by our excellent organist, Cliff. One Sunday a month is lead by our Lay Reader, Gilly and does not include Communion. When there is a fifth Sunday in the month it is usually a Communion Service. At present the 11am does not specifically engage children although they are warmly welcome.

The 4pm slot offers more variety and all-age provision. From February we are trying out a monthly service called 'Sunday Teatime'. Naturally this involves tea and cake, story-telling, craft or games for the youngsters and for adults, prayer, reflection and informal discussion about how faith in Christ helps us respond to current issues and news stories. Numbers permitting it all takes place around the tea table. If you like informality, asking questions, joining in and serious engagement with the Christian faith and its relevance today this one may be for you.

Twice a month the 4pm service will be a Family Communion- still with all the elements of sharing bread and wine together in a familiar way, but shorter, less formal, with more modern hymns and worship songs, and an all-age talk with activities rather than a sermon. This is ideal for families who are encouraged to help and join in at all stages of the service.

Finally, for the benefit of our more traditional worshippers we have just brought back an old favourite once a month at 4pm. Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer is a beautiful service for those who enjoy the traditional language of the 17th century prayerbook. It is a quiet and peaceful service full of gems of Christian wisdom and no sermon will be preached unless the readings are particularly challenging!

'Lord, if your people still need me, I will keep working'     St Martin of Tours